Purchase Assurance


Have you ever bought something that broke or was stolen before you really had a chance to enjoy it?  The Purchase protection reimburses up to $500 on new items of personal property that have been damaged or stolen within the first 60 days of purchase. 

  • If You or Your Family Member purchase a new item during Your Coverage Period and within sixty (60) days of the purchase date and the item is Damaged or Stolen, We will reimburse You the purchase price of the item.  
  • $500 per claim.
  • Coverage is limited to 2 claim(s) per twelve (12) month period.


Throughout this document, “You” and “Your” refer to the person who is a member in good standing in 4U Benefits Membership Program as defined by the terms and conditions for 4U Benefits Membership Program. Membership must not have expired or been canceled by You or 4U Benefits Membership Program. “We”, “Us”, and “VSC” refer to Virginia Surety Company, Inc. In addition,
when in bold certain words and phrases are defined as follows:
Administrator means cynoSure Financial, Inc. You may contact the Administrator if You have questions regarding this coverage or would like to make a claim. The Administrator can be reached by phone at  1-800-711-4280.  Coverage Period means the period starting [[thirty (30)] days from] [on] the Membership Effective Date.
[Coverage will continue for 4U Benefits Membership Program. Coverage will continue concurrently with You being a member in good standing.][Coverage will continue [as determined by the payment schedule/plan] for as long as You are a member in good standing.] (Good standing is defined by the terms and conditions for  4U Benefits Membership Programinsert program. Coverage will stop on the date You or 4U Benefits Membership Program cancel Your membership in 4U Benefits Membership Program.  Damaged means items that can no longer perform the function they were intended to do in normal service due to broken parts, material or structural failures.
[Domestic Partner means an unmarried person in an intimate, committed relationship of mutual caring. That person
must share responsibility for basic living expenses with You. That person must also be at least [eighteen (18)] years
old and not currently married and/or committed to another person.]
Evidence of Coverage (EOC) means this document and the attached General Provisions. They describe the terms,
conditions, and exclusions. This EOC and the attached General Provisions are the entire agreement between You
and Us. Representations or promises made by anyone that are not contained in this EOC or the attached General
Provisions are not a part of Your coverage.
[Family Member means Your spouse [or Domestic Partner]. Family Member includes unmarried children under
[nineteen (19)] years of age. [Family Member also includes unmarried children under [twenty-three (23)] years of
age if a full-time student at an accredited college or university]. Any Family Member who does not reside at Your
home is not eligible for coverage. [The Family Membership option must be purchased for
coverage to apply to Family Members.]]
Membership Effective Date means the date You enroll as a member in 4U Benefits Membership Programinsert program or upon receipt of
payment of Your initial membership dues as per the membership terms and conditions for  4U Benefits Membership Program, whichever occurs last].
Stolen means items that are taken by force or the disappearance of the items from a known place under
circumstances that would indicate the probability of theft.

If You purchase a new item during Your Coverage Period and within sixty (60)] days
of the purchase date and the item is Damaged or Stolen, We will reimburse You the purchase price of the item(excluding delivery, installation, and sales tax).

Coverage is limited to the lesser of the following:
• The purchase price of the item (excluding delivery, installation, and sales tax);
• $500 per claim.
[Coverage is limited to 2 claim(s) per [twelve (12)] month period.]

• Items left in public sight, out of arm’s reach, or lacking care, custody, or control by You [or Your Family
• Lost items or items that mysteriously disappear (the only proof of loss is unexplained or there is no physical
evidence to show what happened to the item) without any evidence of a wrongful act.
• Items that are Stolen from any location or place (including, but not limited to, exercise facilities, places of
employment, schools, or places of worship) due to the lack of due diligence by You [or Your Family Member].
• Items lost, Stolen, Damaged, or mis-delivered while under the care, custody, and control of another party or
common carrier (including, but not limited to, airlines, the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or other delivery
• Losses due to normal wear and tear, misuse, gradual deterioration, or abuse.
• Losses resulting from any dishonest, fraudulent, or criminal act committed or arranged by You.
• Items covered by a manufacturer’s recall or class action suit.
• Items that are Damaged through alteration (including, but not limited to, cutting, sawing, and shaping).
• Used or antique items; collectibles of any kind (such as items designed for people to collect or items that over time become collectibles); recycled, previously owned, refurbished, rebuilt, or remanufactured items.
• Stolen items without documented report from the police.
• Items that are Damaged during transport via any mode.
• Items Stolen from the interior or exterior of a watercraft/boat, aircraft, motorcycle, automobile, or any other
motor vehicles.
• Motorized vehicles (including, but not limited to, automobiles, watercraft/boats, aircraft, or motorcycles), their motors, equipment, or accessories. Motorized equipment not designed for transportation or used solely for the upkeep and maintenance of a residence is eligible for coverage (including, but not limited to, snow blowers, lawn mowers, or hedge trimmers).
• Land, any buildings (including, but not limited to homes and dwellings), permanently installed items, fixtures, or structures.
• Traveler’s checks, tickets of any kind (including, but not limited to, airlines, sporting events, concerts, or lottery tickets), negotiable instruments, bullion, rare or precious metals, stamps, coins, currency, or its equivalent.
• Losses caused by insects, animals, or pets.
• Plants, shrubs, animals, pets, consumables, or perishables.
• Items purchased for resale, rental, professional, or commercial use.
• Application programs, computer programs, operating software, or other software.
• Losses resulting from war or hostilities of any kind (including, but not limited to, invasion, terrorism, rebellion, insurrection, riot, or civil commotion); confiscation or damage by any government, public authority, or customs official; risks of contraband; illegal activity or acts.
• Losses caused by power surge, contamination by radioactive or hazardous substances, including mold.
• Losses caused by inherent product defects or pre-existing conditions.
• Direct or indirect loss resulting from any Acts of God (including, but not limited to, flood, hurricane, lightning, or earthquake).
• Losses caused by liquids, fluids, oils, chemicals, or bodily fluids/excretions.
• Indirect or direct damages resulting from an item being Damaged or Stolen.
• Game animals, pets, or specimens preserved for display (including, but not limited to, fish, birds, reptiles, or mammals).
• Items Stolen or Damaged at a new home construction site.
• Rented, leased,or borrowed items.

This summary is a brief overview of the program and is not to be considered a full disclosure of policy terms. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for complete forms, conditions, limitations, definitions, and exclusions.

How To File a Claim


Call the Administrator at 1-800-711-4280  to request a claim form. You must report the claim within ninety days (90) days of the date of purchase.
The following required items, must be sent to the Administrator at 4U Benefits, c/o cynoSure Financial, Inc., P.O. Box 7690, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 and postmarked within onehundred and twenty (120)] days of the purchase:
1. A fully completed and signed claim form.
2. Proof of Loss (police report for Stolen items).
3. Itemized purchase receipt(s) showing the date and purchase price of the covered item(s).
4. Any other documentation that may be reasonably requested by the Administrator to validate a claim.