Home Lock out


Have you ever been locked out of your house?  Most people have at one point or another.  You most likely had to break a window, wait for another family member to get home, or pay a locksmith to let you in.  With this coverage you will have no worries the next time you get locked out of your home.  Simply call a locksmith to let you in and get reimburst for their services.

  • Reimburses Member (or eligible family Member) for the service of a locksmith when Member is inadvertently locked out of their principal residence
  • Pays up to $100


Description of Coverage:

Coverage is provided which will reimburse You or an Eligible Family Member, if the Family Membership was purchased, for the expenses of a locksmith if You or an Eligible Family Member are inadvertently  locked out from Your Principal Residence during the Coverage Period.  Lockout Reimbursement is subject to a limit of $100 per lockout and is limited to one (1), claim within ay consecutive twelve-(12) month period.  Pays up to $100 per membership period.  Principal residence is defined as the home you reside in for nine(9) months of the year.

This summary is a brief overview of the program and is not to be considered a full disclosure of policy terms. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for complete forms, conditions, limitations, definitions, and exclusions.

How To File a Claim

How to file a claim:

To make a valid claim, You or an Eligible Family Member, should contact the Administrator by phone at 800-711-4280, within thirty (30) days of the date that the Loss occurred.  Failure to give notice within 30 days of the incident may result in a denial of the claim.  The Administrator will send a claim form, which should be completed and mailed back to the Administrator along with a copy of the following:

  1. The locksmith's bill;
  2. Proof that the locksmith's bill was paid.
  3. All these required items, including the claim form, must be postmarked within 60 days of the date of the loss, or the claim may be denied.