Auto Expert Opinion (repair hotline)


How do you know if a mechanic is being honest and giving you good advice?  What if you are in an area that you are not familar with and need repairs?  This benefit will help you locate qualified repair facilities and give you advice over the phone with regards to "needed repairs".  Give yourself peace of mind by having this service available.

Repair referral: Club members (or cardholders) may call the toll-free hotline and receive referrals to the qualified repair facilities near them.

Repair confirmation: Members can call the toll-free hotline to talk with an ASE Certified Master Technician to obtain a second opinion regarding the appropriateness of the proposed repairs for their automobile or light truck. The second opinion is based on the information provided by the customer and the repair facility. No guarantee is offered or implied on the technician’s second opinion.

Service confirmation: Members may also call to get information such as Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) available on their vehicle or to confirm manufacturers’ suggested service intervals.

Cost confirmation: Members can discuss the estimates of costs for proposed repairs on their automobile or light truck with an ASE Certified Master Technician. The technicians will give their opinion on the appropriateness of the repair costs based on the customer’s information and referencing published, universally accepted, repair manuals (Mitchell’s, ALLDATA).


Terms and conditions:

  • A consumer must be a current cardholder or member of the appropriate membership club to be eligible for this benefit. The benefit is applicable for automobiles and light trucks only. 
  • No guarantee is provided, offered, or implied in any way with the ABS Expert Opinion benefit. Opinions suggested by the ASE Certified Technicians are based on information received from the calling member and/or repair facility, and thus may be subject to error. No guarantee, of any kind, is provided by the opinion of the technician - it is simply an opinion.
  • ABS and the ASE Certified Technicians do not guarantee the quality of work performed by the repair facilities in the referral network.
  • Commercial vehicles are not eligible for this benefit.
This summary is a brief overview of the program and is not to be considered a full disclosure of policy terms. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for complete forms, conditions, limitations, definitions, and exclusions.


How To File a Claim

How to file a claim:

Toll Free Number:  800-xxx-xxxx