If you are looking for information about our groups, please contact us with your questions.  For all other questions, please see below.  


Will this become part of my normal insurance policy?

No.  This is a membership benefit plan that is seperate from your current insurance policy.

Will my claim ever be denied?

If you do not follow the specific claim guidelines for that benefit or if the specific criteria for that particular benefit are not met, there is a chance your claim will not be authorized.

Does my benefit plan automatically renew?

yes.  Your membership automatically renews unless you choose otherwise.

When does my coverage actually start?

The moment we receive payment from you on your plan.

How long is the membership period?

You are signing up for a one year membership.

Can I cancel my benefit plan?

You can cancel at anytime but your membership doesn't cancel until your anniversary date.

How do I get a refund for my cancelled benefit plan?

Membership fees are NOT refundable.

How do I update my information because my address/phone/creditcard has changed?

You login through the My Account Section of the site.